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From engineering, to design, manufacturing, maintenance and on site training ARF test offers solutions for test automation.


Standard Solution

We can propose several kind of standards fixtures in manual, semi-manual or fully automatic mode. We have two main lines in order to adapt our solution to our customer needs and budget, that is why we had developped a Low Cost Line and a Top Line. In both we are able to propose shielding box and functionnal testing. We also developped a range of RF Couplers which allows us to propose internal and sustainable RF solution especially in our custom developments.

Custom Solution

In order to fit with our standards fixtures, we design and manufacture custom applications adapted to our customer’s products. Also to allow our customers to begin there productions step by step on new products ranges we make application compatible with our different standard. That way the fixture can be updated to follow cadencies ramp-up from manual low cost to full automatic shielded fixture.

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