Our sales team has the capacity to offer both technical solutions and detailed estimations of cost. They evaluate the capacity of our products to fit with the needs of your production line, and provide technically accurate information and advice.

Based on the client’s needs, we determine geometrical and technical constraints to establish the design of the fixture. We realize all calculations relative to mechanical dimensioning, while taking into account future installation and maintenance.

Our test fixtures can be integrated in various types of production lines, and can be designed as manual, semi-manual or fully automatic. In particular, our design emphasizes security concerns.

We study electronic schemes and conceive PCB to fit specific customer needs and products. Also, we design flex wiring parts which allow repetitive motion.





In coordination with the design team, the purchasing service realizes continuous supply of all technical elements necessary to fixture manufacturing, and secures quality levels and delivery schedules. Sourcing is also evaluated permanently.

Our manufacturing workshop is equipped for turning, milling and laser engraving. From blueprints, our dedicated team realizes fixture frames and specific supports for client product testing.

Our workshop possesses two resin 3D printers, mainly used for fast prototyping. The team also creates some specific machine components, with limited mechanical constraints, for product manufacturing.

From machined parts and commercial elements, the project manager, accompanied by our qualified assemblers, mounts the fixture in our workshop.At every step of the assembly, the team checks the geometrical compatibility with the customer products.






In most cases, a wiring blueprint is made from the customer’s design. After the assembly phase, our cable-fitters use the customer-specific requirements and our technical design elements to wire the fixture. The complete checking and testing of the fixture is made in coordination with the design team, prior delivery to the customer.

Our manufacturing team ensures the perfect conditioning of the product before transport.

We ship worldwide.

Each project is managed by the same project manager, from the first technical meeting to the delivery. This professional is the referring contact in charge of the respect of the deadlines and quality compliance.


Historically, we specialized in radiofrequency management for testing purpose, in all ranges of frequencies above 300kHz.

This includes :

  • insulation design, to limit or suppress interferences, and to avoid radiofrequency leakage
  • measurement : among others, we realize the testing of our fixtures, and certification with Rodhe & Schwarz VNAs
  • communication with products : we have developed a full line of close-field antennas (couplers), which are put directly inside our fixtures for testing while escaping from interferences. These devices were designed to allow more precise test measurement, and even decrease the need for shielded boxes.