HDMI Test Connector - ARF-HDMI

HDMI - Test Connector

ARF-HDMI - Test Connector


Applications Note
HDMI connector report for test (PCB or Final Product)

HDMI connector is increasingly used in video and audio applications.
That's why we offer a test solution for this connector.
Easy way to connect on your HDMI connector (big chamfer).
Can be adapted to your mechanic for automatic or manual insertion


  • Materials
    Chosen for their High Endurance (Peripherical Friction Stainless Steel)
  • Small dimensions
    Easy Integration : 49 x 19 x 11.9 (mm) +/-0.1
  • Female head
    Standard HDMI connector, Friction Stainless Steel whith big chamfers to assume better insertions as possible.
  • Male Report
    Standard HDMI connector, accept all standard cables of the market

  • IGES (3D)

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ARF-HDMI, data sheet Acrobat Reader Characteristics, Dims (PDF file)