RF Shielding Boxes

Offers a wide range of standard shielded housings that can fit many of your applications and services. From your R & D to your production lines, we have a solution for you.

Each products are qualified in our RF laboratory, document is joined with them.



    Low Cost, RF Box

    Product fitted for R & D, maintenance, small production line, ...

    Manual Presser

    This product can be used for test PCB or final product. We have in standard, two sizes according to your needs

    Automatic Presser

    It's a declination of the product above. The closing is done by 2x pneumatic cylinders. In standard version the protection is realized by 2x inductive sensors supervised by a PLC. We offer a more advanced security solution: completely closed box with light curtain.

More options


    Our products are standard but we can suit your needs

Low Cost RF Box - ARF-S-LC
Standard Presser, RF Box - ARF-UPe-S
Standard Automatic Presser, RF Box - ARF-UP-SA

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