Test Fixtures

Offers a wide range of standard Test Fixtures that can fit many of your applications and services. From your R & D to your production lines, we have a solution for you.

Each products are standard but we can adapt or design your application.


    Low Cost, Manual Presser

    A low cost presser to achieve your test applications that require to maintain your product parallel with the needles bed. It can also be used with Final products (EOL).
    Three sizes of this presser are available

    Universal Manual Presser

    A Top Level presser, up to 1.000 probes can be integrated. It offers others opportunities to integrate your test equipment (RF Shielding for example).
    Three sizes of this presser are available

    Automatic Fixture

    A high-tech equipment that incorporates all the features needed to be integrated into a fully automated line, fed by a robot or an operator (Safety Box option).

More options


    Our products are standard but we can suit your needs


Low Cost PCB Test Presser - ARF-PLC
Standard PCB Test Presser - ARF-UP
Standard Automatic Modular Fixture - ARF-Modular

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