Moulding Machine : Examples of manufactured Parts

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Examples of machined Parts Needles Plate - 12x Product's positions

When you want to test electrically your PCB's, the best way is to put on components or test points shapes some test probes.

To realize it in the better conditions, we offer a a various choice of specific interfaces (for PCB's or final products:
- Standard Pressers, fixtures
- RF Shielded/Shielding Presser fixtures, Boxes
To complete first, we can offer, Machined parts (Probes bed, miscellaneous parts, ...)
We have at our disposal a 3x axis moulding/milling machine to make your own bed of probes test and associated parts.

We can process your application up to 600 (23.62) x 500 (19.68) in a very short time.

Only need your informations: Files DXF or IGS + Origin & coordonates of needed TP (Test Points)