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RF Coupler - ARF-CMB-XXX

Applications Note
Stability of the RF measure without contact with product

We offer a wide range of RF couplers adapted to every need and every frequency. We manufacture RF couplers for a narrow range as for a wide range of frequencies.

We provide RF couplers for your specific applications and environments, but can supply a standard coupler for different uses and a wide range of frequencies.

Easy to use RF coupler, designed for maintenance, R&D. Can be used with our Boxes: ARF-S-LC , ARF-UP-S.

    The PN of these products are: ARF-Coupler - ARF-CMB-XXX
  • Choice of the range frequency (XXX)
    One product for each: E-GSM / DCS / PCS /CDMA / Blue Tooth
    ARF-CMB-400 for RF band 400Mhz
    ARF-CMB-900 for RF band 900Mhz
    ARF-CMB-2.4 for RF band 2.4Ghz
    ARF-CMB-LB for RF band from 300Mhz to 3GHz (large/wide bande)
    Can be used for E-GSM / DCS / PCS /CDMA / Blue Tooth
  • Standard Losses
    (depending on your product and environment)
    -3 to -20db
  • Connectivity
    1x SMA
  • Option
    We can provide High Quality RF cable on demand
  • Exemples of applications
    Remote control, Radio communication DUT, Car keys: 433Mhz/868Mhz, Door alarm control

Specifics RF Couplers
We can design and provide custom RF couplers (See at pictures on the left)

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