Test Connectors

Offers a wide range of standard test Connectors that can fit many of your applications and services. We offer a ideal solution for your testing needs in automatic or manual mode.

All our connectors are designed to have a long lifetime

    RJ / Western Test Connectors

    RJ connectors without clamping covering the range (4 to 10 electrical contacts). Report with RJxx standard female connector.

    RCA/Cinch Test Connectors

    RCA connectors for Audio test (Hot Pin + Gnd), report on RCA.

    USB Test Connectors - Micro USB - µUSB

    USB connectors are available in 3 models: USB Type A – mini USB type A-B – micro USB type B report on female équivalent connector

    HDMI Test Connector

    HDMI standard 19 pins. Report with female HDMI

    RF antenna Test Connectors

    A solution to test your coaxial connectors.

RJ's Test connectors family
Test Connectors Family
Test Connector - ARF-IEEE1394

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