RF Shielding Box: ARF-UP-SA - Automatic Presser, RF Box

RF shielding Box - ARF-UP-SA (side view)
RF shielding Box - ARF-UP-SA (Rear view + Safety)
RF shielding Box - ARF-UP-SA (Cmd box) RF shielding Box - ARF-UP-SA (Report)

Applications Note
Universal Auto Press - DUT or PCB use the same tool

Designed for high throughput, PCB (needles bed), final product, RF product.

  • Full automatic closing and locking by air cylinder, including:
    - PLC checking
    - Operator's buttons box
    See Options for Operator's Safety

We recommand using of our © ARF-Coupler, which can realize ideal coupling with frequency used to give you, the best measurement.


  • RF isolation
    100Hz to 8.5Ghz
  • RF insulation
    Better than 80dB
  • Connectivity (Can be designed as you wish)
    2x RF N/SMA connector on the back plate
    1x I/O Male filtered DB9 (in standard)
  • Two standard Working Size Area (With shielding)
    ARF-UP02-SA : d300 x L250
    ARF-UP03-SA : d300 x L450
  • Options
    Operator, Closed Safety Box:              UP-SA-OSB
    Safety Light Curtain + Support Plate: UP-SA-SLC
Spare parts Kit for maintenance - PN:             UP-SA-SPK

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ARF-UP-SA, data sheet Acrobat reader Characteristics (PDF file)
Acrobat reader Maintenance (PDF file)