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Applications Note
RCA/CINCH connector report for test (PCB or Final Product)

A test plug connectors for RCA (Audio, SPDIF electrical) that simplify insertion into the connector's product and maintenance work
The central Hot Pin and the GND needle can be replaced easily.
The element can be mounted in an array pitch 14mm (mini) or more.
This connector can be used manually or automatically with adapted parts.
Contact us to build your particular needs(Matrix & specific step between elements).


  • Materials
    Chosen for their High Endurance (Hot Pin Nickel Faced)
  • Small dimensions
    Easy Integration of component (Circlip is provided)
  • Male head
    Central Pin 3.1mm diameter, screw M2.5
  • Female Report
    Standard RCA connector, accept all standard cables of the market

  • IGES (3D)

Maintenance/Spare Parts
Hot Pin          - PN: ARF-RCA-MP
Gnd Needle - PN: ARF-RCA-PROB

Example of Use with RCA Connectors

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ARF-RCA-P, data sheet Acrobat Reader Characteristics, Dims (PDF file)