Test Fixtures : ARF-PLC-Ergo - Low Cost, Manual Presser

Low Cost PCB Presser (Openings)

Low Cost PCB Presser (Needles)

Low Cost PCB Presser (Closed)

Applications Note
Designed for PCB or final products

Low cost manual presser - Final Products or PCB's use the same tool.
Designed for high throughput, Needles bed, Final product. Interface for functional testing or test cards. Downward movement combined (Rotation + Vertical translation) to use standard test needles.

Closing and locking of the press with only one hand (Can be used by left or right-hander).


  • Mobile Needles Plate
    can be manufactured as you want
  • Rear Panel
    can be customize according to your needs
  • Bottom casing
    All your equipment can be positioned in the bottom part of the box. Easy accessibility (Hinges & thumbscrews).
    You can purchase "Internal Technical Plate" (easyly removal) including: plate for equipment + rear panel in only one part. This option is in replacement of the classic rear panel
  • Three standard Working Size Area
    ARF-PLCe-01 : d212 x L150
    ARF-PLCe-02 : d212 x L250
    ARF-PLCe-03 : d212 x L320
  • Options
    Part Number of Options available on ARF-PLC-Ergo

Spare parts Kit for maintenance - PN: ARF-PLC-E-SPK

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ARF-PLC-E, data sheet


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