Artificial Mouth Component : ARF-MLC

Artificial Ear - ARF-ELC
Specific Acoustic Seals

Applications Note
Generation of audio frequencies

Low-Cost Artificial Mouth for Audio Test of your MIC, ...
Electrically shielded, operational mode (referenced to Ground)


  • Power Supply
    15 to 30 VDC (Typical: 24VDC)
  • Adjustement
    0 to 1 db
  • Frequency range
    450Hz to 3Khz
  • MAX output sound level
    5mW (Loudspeaker)
  • Dimensions
    ht:58mm (2.28), Ø42mm (1.65)
  • Connection
    4 pins connector (Fischer)

We can provide specific seals & mechanical adaptation parts

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ARF-MLC, data sheet

Acrobat Reader Characteristics (PDF file)
Acrobat Reader Calibration Chart (PDF file)