Test Fixtures : ARF-FPe - Low Cost, Manual Fixture

Low Cost EOL JIG

Low Cost EOL JIG (Plugs Test)

Low Cost EOL JIG (Closed)

Applications Note
Designed for PCB or final products (Connectics)

Low cost manual fixture - Final Products or PCB's use the same tool.
Interface for functional testing or test cards, dedicated to connectics test.
The movement of the upper plate, made by the side handle, allows easy insertion and effortless of all connectors/plugs in product to be tested.
Upper plate & inserts/plugs kit can be changed easyly (less than 3mn)
We can study and provide all types of Connectors/Plug test



  • Mobile Upper Plate
    Can be machined according to your needs (product size, positioning, ...)
    in a very short time
    The stroke for insertion is ~ 32mm (1.260)
  • Insert/Plugs Panel
    Can be customize according to your needs
    Look at our Test Plugs
  • Two standard Working Size Area
    ARF-FPe-03 : d300 x L320
    ARF-FPe-04 : d300 x L420

Spare parts Kit for maintenance - PN: ARF-FPe-SPK

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ARF-FPe, data sheet


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